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Launch Date: October 26
Promotion Period: October 12 - October 25

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Personal Tracking Link

Kimberly Crowe - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/kimberly/
Larissa Russell - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/larissa/
Alexis Cohen - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/alexis/
Elizabeth Wood - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/elizabethw/
Debby Stroud - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/debby/
Beth Osmer - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/beth/
Sage Adderley-Knox - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/sage/
Elizabeth Foley - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/elizabethf/
Jools Sinclair - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/jools/
Joyce van der Lely - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/joyce/
Laura P. Clark - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/laura/
Catt Z. - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/catt/
Deborah Fryer - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/deborahf/
Jen Aly - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/jen/
Ilona Selke - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/ilona/
Rachel Smets - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/rachel/
Marcia Mariner - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/marcia/
Lisa Rasmussen, MFA - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/lisa/
Bodhi Simpson, LCPC, ATR - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/bodhi/
Renee LaVallee McKenna, MA, CCH - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/renee/
Loraine Van Tuyl, PhD, CHT - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/loraine/

interview Air Date

Elizabeth Wood - October 26

Laura P. Clark - October 27

Ilona Selke - October 28

Beth Osmer - October 29

Lisa Rasmussen, MFA - October 30

Marcia Mariner - October 31

Larissa Russell - November 1

Joyce van der Lely - November 2

Renee LaVallee McKenna, MA, CCH - November 3

Elizabeth Foley - November 4

Jools Sinclair - November 5

Bodhi Simpson, LCPC, ATR - November 6

Catt Z. - November 7

Sage Adderley-Knox - November 8

Alexis Cohen - November 9

Kimberly Crowe - November 10

Dr. Deborah Fryer - November 11

Loraine Van Tul, PhD, CHT - November 12

Rachel Smets - November 13

Debby Stroud - November 14

Jen Aly - November 15

Solo Email Template

Subject Line options:
Finding your calm center in the storm
The Secret to being the calm in the storm
Are you ready to claim your creative power?

Dear (Name),

We have had quite a year! We are certainly living in challenging times that can leave one with the feeling of being swept away by the storm of chaotic change that is occurring on our planet right now. In such uncertainty, how do we find the time, the space and the inclination to create? How can we find the calm in the storm and move into our ability as creators to follow are hearts and create from a place of love? There is a deep sense of urgency that the time is now!  Are you finding it challenging to find your calm to focus and create?

If this is you, I have some wisdom to share that will provide you with stability and help you find your calm center in the eye of the storm- Yes! You can create the life of your dreams and live your purpose. You can become the calm and the power to unleash your creativity into the world and now is the best time to do it!

Here’s how:

Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit- Season 2 harness your power, unleash your creativity and embody your dream life.

I am a part of this timely offering by Visionary artist and Spiritual Creativity Gudie, Deborah Epstein, LMT.  She has organized a FREE event, Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit - Season 2. Join me and 21+ experts speaking on the subjects of healing with creativity, spirituality, creative sovereignty, abundance and so much more.

In addition, each speaker will share with you their unique gifts and practices that are sure to get you focused and super charge your creativity.

You will be a part of an experience led by a group of spiritual entrepreneurs who are, themselves, influential artists, healers, authors and motivators- all who bring a unique view on the topics of creativity, imagination, art and healing, spirituality and finding your purpose and living it- courageously and unapologetically!

Register HERE for this FREE odyssey to unleash your creative self and birthright as a powerful creator!

Sign up now for Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit -season 2 and become the calm in the storm.

Yours in Creative Dreaming,

(signature of expert)

Newsletter Blurb Template

P.S.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to create, activate and find your powerful calm in the storm! Join me HERE!<link> for season 2 of Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit.

P.S. With all of life's to-do's and distractions, I want to assure you that there is still plenty of time to Join Me<link> for season 2 of Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit. It’s the perfect little resting place in all the chaos of our world today!

P.S. I am so excited to be a part of the Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit! There is still time to sign up and receive insights and practices that will help empower you to create and live your dream life:) Join Me Now!<link>

Social Media Templates

Hashtags:  #artmedicine,  #itsnotart, #artandhealing, #soulart, #lifeisart, #consciouscreativity #empoweredcreativity #creativeembodiment #creativeleadership

Today is the day we can change our world!
Join me in creating a ripple of creativity and love in the world, sign up now for the Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit- season 2; Harness Your Power, Unleash Your Creativity and Emody Your Dream Life. 
Sign up now! <insert link>

When we consciously choose the power to create we create an immediate ripple that changes our world.
Join me and 21+ speakers for Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit.
Discover techniques and practices that will help you to harness your power, unleash your creativity and embody your dream life.
Sign up here: <insert link>

Has the chaos of these crazy times left you feeling scattered and off course?
I have the perfect remedy to help you find your center and harness your power in a creative and loving way!
Join me for the Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit. This summit is loaded with practical techniques and practices that will help you find your calm and connect with your creative sovereignty.
Sign up here! <insert link>

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