Thank you for joining me for the Cosmic Dreaming from Head to Heart:
Embodiment of the Divine Pattern

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The replay is available until Sunday, June 19, 2022 at Midnight Pacific

Are you ready to step fully into your creative power? 

The Temple doors are opening wide for you!

Apply to become a member of The Temple of The Cosmic Dreamer today!

Here’s what current temple members are saying: 

“Deborah is the genuine article. She guides me with love, gentleness, but calls me out when my ego is making up stories. She keeps me at the edge of my learning, daring me to grow into who I can be in my power. The creative process is such a wonderful tool to get to the heart of the matter and my truth. She is a wonderful role model of creative heart led leadership.”


“I love that Deb has so many different ways of working - mental, physical, emotional, energetic, belief systems, ritual, dreaming, creativity...  It makes it possible for her to meet you where you are and work in whatever way will be most beneficial for you.  She is able to intuitively sense your shifts in energy and your blocks and help you understand how to move and clear them.  I love that she shares her own struggles and triumphs - I know she's in the trenches with us doing the work. She has helped me see how potent creativity can be as a force for change in my life.  She has helped me begin to honor my own dreaming and power and medicine that I want to share with the world.  With her help, I am taking myself more seriously and coming out of hiding. With her support and energetic healing and guidance in exploring myself she is helping me breathe life into my dreams.”


You too can create your heart’s desire!

In the Temple you will: 

Learn creative ceremonial rituals
Create your own personal temple
Learn how to work with ease from the energetic field of consciousness
Let go of the pain of an unexpressed desire and live into your fullest potential
Get support within a group of aligned heart’s all creating their heart vision
Get the individual guidance and support you crave

By becoming a member of the Temple there is:

No more playing small or safe
No more lone wolfing
No more lack of direction
No more confusion and overwhelm

You Are Powerful Beyond Measure- It Is Time To Be It!

You are ready to step into your power as a creative leader in your life!

Space in the Temple is limited- act now! 

Click the link below apply for The Temple of the Cosmic Dreamer -
A nine month journey to release your Creative Vision and Leader deep within you.

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