Join Deborah & 12 Creative Healing Mentors 

Powerfully YOU! Hosted by Deborah Epstein

Unwrap Your Gifts, Embrace Your Greatness & Express Your Magnificence in the World

December 12th - 17th, 2021

The time for playing small is truly over.

You are here because you have a deep desire to be of service to the New Earth, through your healing art and creativity. You are being called to create art and live a deeply fulfilled life. 

Yet you are unsure of how to create in the new paradigm. 

It’s time to step into your power.

For too long you have hidden your precious presence, which is your unique gift to the world. 

You know you are here to create, but you may feel like you’re not fully expressing your authentic self. 

Maybe you find yourself in a moment of transition. Looking for ways to use your creative and healing gifts in service of transformation, for a New Earth...

You Are Creativity itself, Creating all of Creation!

You are a unique expression of the Divine. 

The possibility to create from your heart’s vision is already right here inside of you. 

So how do you unwrap your gifts and step into your power to fully express yourself in the world - and actively co-create the New Earth we are collectively here to birth?

YOU get to step into your power and take up space in the beautiful way the world is asking of you!

YOU can live the creative life that you dream about, in a way that is abundant, self-sustaining and free.

The world is not only ready to support you, but is passionately longing to co-create with the fire of your creative flame! 

At Powerfully YOU! hosted by Deborah Epstein you get to delve deep into your creative imagination, where you will be invited to release any fears that get in the way of living your dream.

You’ll discover the confidence to stretch into your unique power and birth your creative vision! 

Your journey begins in the powerful portal of the 12/12 Divine Light Gateway.

You will be guided by 12 creative and healing mentors, who will support you in using your imagination to the fullest to create a truly aligned, integrated and magical life

Are you ready to step into the Crucible of Your Own Imagination? 

Are you ready to step into the Crucible of Your Own Imagination? 

Are you ready to step into the Crucible of Your Own Imagination? 

Together we will embark on a Divinely-Guided journey of healing and expansion, unlocking your creativity to transform and activate your unique power of self-expression. 

It’s time to be POWERFULLY YOU: Unwrap Your Gifts, Embrace Your Greatness & Express Your Magnificence in the World!

Meet Your Host

Deborah Epstein

I am a Visionary Artist, Shamanic Practitioner, and Embody Worker. I was inspired to create Powerfully YOU when I realized how many brilliant creative artists come up against blocks when it comes to birthing the creative life of their dreams. I have noticed that there are so many folks who are afraid to make art- and they miss out on artmaking as a way of increasing their intuition, healing, and exercising their imagination to vision what their heart desires.

This seems to be especially true of women: mothers and others who know they have so much to offer in this time of awakening the Divine Feminine.

And this used to be me. I used to be a wallflower artist, afraid to be bold in my creativity.

Growing up, I learned that daydreaming was not ok. That the way to succeed in life was through hard work. I played that game for a long time until I hit a wall in my late 30's. 

I used my creativity to create images born out of the feelings of despair, lack, self hatred, and emotional and physical pain. I combined energy work, shamanic healing work, and body work to dive in deep to feel the past traumas that were trapped in my system. 

Through these modalities of creative expression, body work, energy work and shamanic practices I was able to begin to live in thrival instead of survival. 

It was through these modalities that my transformation occurred and I was able to move myself from trauma thinking/being to creating and living a life I love to be in! 

Through this rehabilitation of my imagination to dream it differently for myself, I found a way to create from my heart’s vision. 

This is what I get to share with you now at Powerfully YOU: Unwrap Your Gifts, Embrace Your Greatness & Express Your Magnificence in the World!

© Copyright 2021 Deborah Epstein.  All Rights Reserved.

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