Powerful Co-Creator!

Powerfully YOU!  12/12 Portal Opening Ceremony

The ceremony begins at 12:12pm mountain time.
(11:12am Pacific, 1:12pm Central, 2:12pm Eastern) 

Join your host, Deborah Epstein along with her husband Dave Epstein for the ceremonial opening of the 12/12 portal ushering in the summit: Powerfully YOU! Unwrap Your Gifts, Embrace Your Greatness and Express Your Magnificence in the World

We will open the ceremonial space for the entire summit with a guided meditation, an art activation and a heart to heart conversation sure to inspire you. We will be speaking about: 

Limitations - physical and mental
Disability as an ability
Inspiration, hopes and action

Powerful Co-Creator!

Powerfully YOU! Portal Opening Ceremony

Join your host, Deborah Epstein along with her husband Dave Epstein for the ceremonial opening of the 12/12 portal ushering in the summit: Powerfully YOU! Unwrap Your Gifts, Embrace Your Greatness and Express Your Magnificence in the World

Powerfully YOU Speaker Portal 

Step through the portal and begin your journey with the power of all the speakers below. Settle in and get comfortable in sacred communion with your art supplies and watch these powerful interviews meant to guide you to unwrap your gifts, embrace your power and express your magnificence in the world (Available until 12/17/21) 

Karen Curry Parker

YOU Have A Powerful Purpose


Karen Curry Parker is one of the world’s leading experts on using Quantum Human Design, the power of archetypes and personal narrative to activate peak performance potential. She’s developed a system that explores the relationship between Quantum Physics and Human Design, a cross cultural personality assessment system that synthesizes ancient and modern archetypes, to enhance people’s creative capacity. Karen works with C-Suite leaders, including the founder of The 80/20 Foundation, an organization that helps build creative initiatives for entrepreneurs. Karen is currently working on her Ph.d in Integrative Health and exploring the impact of personal narrative and language on gene regulation and function. She is a multiple best-selling author and has written more than 17 books. Karen is the mother of 8 children and lives in Minneapolis with her family.

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Sally-Shakti Willow, Phd

Language of the New Earth Frequency


Sally-Shakti Willow is a Spiritual Copywriting Coach & Word-Magick Alchemist. 

I create Transformative Writing Rituals and Heart-Aligned Marketing Copy for Soul-Centred Entrepreneurs. I am a writer with a PhD in Utopian Poetics and an embodied practice in yoga and spirituality. I co-create with channeled high-vibrational frequencies to bring the New Earth into form through writing. www.writingthriving.com

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To find out more about Sally-Shakti’s Writing & Thriving Word-Magick, you can read her blog here. You can also sign up for a FREE copywriting Ebook by clicking the link in the top right corner of the page and/or subscribe to her regular newsletter (at the bottom of the page).

Beth Osmer

Authentically and Powerfully YOU


Beth Osmer is a spiritual empowerment guide, who has helped thousands of individuals across the planet to let go of their past and live a more potent and power-filled life. Beth is centered in San Francisco and works with groups and individuals, both digitally and in-person.

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Meditation to find your Spiritual Warrior guide 
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Christina Miglino

Leaders of the Light


Christina Miglino works with visionary women, healers, and artists to call in their soul’s mission, align with their divine gifts and birth their creative visions into the world. She is a Shamanic Guide, Energy Intuitive, and Channel of The3.

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Your Soul Energetics

With the return of the Goddess, the rise of the Feminine, we are being called, not to replace, or to resist the Masculine, but to seek an integrated balance of the two energies within. 

This is the way to create a healed collective. We are being called to work with these two energies in their highest frequencies; The Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. 

Use this “soulwork” to jump start your own healing process and support you in birthing your dreams, or to step more fully into your leadership as a lightworker, healer or creative.

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Anna Kowalska

Finding the Creativity that YOU Are


Anna guides spiritual women entrepreneurs in creating their sacred success, in alignment with divine purpose and prosperity.

After creating "traditional success" in life and having it "disappear" for the 3rd time, Anna decided to put all her focus and energy into discovering, and living her soul purpose, co-creating her success with the Source. Along the way she immersed herself in numerous spiritual, metaphysical, mind, and body modalities, bringing it all together to activate and unite the creators of the new earth.

Anna is devoted to creating a world of harmony, unity, purpose, and prosperity, within and without, for all of life through new earth leaders.

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Activate Your Sacred Success Birth Your Highest Soul Level Body of Work, in alignment with your purpose and prosperity. Even if you don't know your purpose yet. Click Here!

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Tina Paulus Krause

YOU Are the Leader


Tina is a captivating speaker, author of The Strength of our Anchors and the host of an award winning online show Your Leadership Legacy. 

With a 22 year Sales and Leadership corporate background, Tina is dedicated to empowering leaders to rise into inclusive leadership, unleash team performance and ignite transformational results.  

A new day requires a new way. Advanced skill sets are needed to lead in our ever changing, fast paced reality. Certified business and executive coach, Tina’s passion is supporting leaders create next level leadership. 

Her expertise is evolving teams into diverse, inclusive, high performing teams poised to THRIVE through constant, rapid change creating extraordinary results and sustainable change. 

Tina is married to Al and together they have 5 adult children and a silver lab named Rocki. 

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30 minute strategy call.
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Joyce van der Lely

Turn on your POWER Through Creativity!


Joyce van der Lely is a Spiritual Empowerment Guide + Dream Creator

Specialized in helping Creative Changemakers and Magical Misfits to Begin again, Make their mark and Live their Dream.

Born in the Netherlands Joyce moved the to New Zealand on the opposite side of the globe, and has been there for about half her life now. Her big awakening experience happened after she lost almost all in the 2010/2011 earthquakes in Christchurch. It truly transformed her life and how she chose to show up in life from then on. A Shamanic infused, Artist-Alchemist using Creative Expression as Medicine and weaving the magic of this into every part of life. 

She's also a mum to two highly creative teenagers and her soul mate is always in the wings or backstage supporting her wild wanderings. 

Some fun facts: 

Pippi Longstocking has been her sidekick/heroine ever since she was a little girl. Joyce loves liquorice and avocados, spicy food, blue cheese and black coffee.

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Creativity Works
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Marcia Mariner

Fall in Love with Yourself and Create Your Life from Love


Marcia is a sacred feminine empowerment coach, certified hypnotherapist and licensed counselor who specializes in empowering  awakening women to break free from patriarchal conditioning, reclaim their feminine power, and create lives they love. For over 25 years, Marcia has provided and continues to provide her clients with individual sessions,  women's empowerment circles, psycho-educational programs, and destination retreats. Marcia loves creating safe space for women to connect on a heart-to-heart level so that they feel supported not just to heal, but to become who they are divinely encoded to be.

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Write from the Heart: A Method That Probes Your Depths
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Minette Riordan, PhD

Claim YOUR Creative Power


Dr. Minette Riordan is a modern day Renaissance woman: artist, writer, award-winning entrepreneur and advocate for creativity as essential to the well-being of all people and our planet.

She holds a doctorate from Stanford University as well as multiple coaching certifications. She is well known as a creative mentor and productivity expert who loves helping creatives tap into their creativity, release their creative blocks and own their artistry. 

Minette is a popular teacher and speaker with 18 years experience as a business owner and transformational leader. Life took her by surprise in 2017 when people started asking her to buy her paintings. “I’m not an artist,” she said. This was a turning point in her life and her career. 

Minette believes that making art is a courageous act of self-love. When we don't make time for art, our lives don't feel as fulfilled or fun as they could be. 

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Paint Your Way to More Confidence: 3 ways to love your Inner Artist. 3-Part Video series

Are you finally ready to:

  • Make peace with your Inner Critic?
  • Heal your relationship with your Inner Artist?
  • Reclaim your creative brilliance?
  • Find your creative confidence and emerge into the beauty and fullness of your most authentic self?
  • Make regular time for creative play and self-care?

This free series will support you to befriend your Inner Critic and nurture your Inner Artist.

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Paulette Rees-Denis

Love, Passion and Creativity


Movement, Momentum, and Magic - is what Paulette brings into her practice as a Transformational Lifestyle and Business Coach for Creatives, helping women to get clarity, move their bodies, and take action on their desires. Paulette is an inspirational speaker, a global dance innovator, a movement motivator, a passion instigator, an author/poet, and is mostly known as a leader of feminine celebration.

Paulette has traveled the globe teaching, speaking, and performing for 30+ years, inspiring creatives to live to their fullest and step into their creativity.

In her fourth book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art, Paulette takes you on a journey to make changes for your creative lifestyle and business dreams. She gives you the tools to rewrite your story and step up into your creative zone of genius.

Hosting her own video podcasts for four years, Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, she interviews small business entrepreneurs and creatives who are making change in the world. She has been featured on several podcasts and summits, such as Tactical Magic, Women Seeking Wholeness, the Life is Art Summit, and listed as a Top 12 Spirited Women.

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Weekly Journaling Class

Join our weekly journaling class for one month for free...From the Body to the Page..Tuesdays at 3:00 on Zoom (PST) and join our private group page to write, share, and be inspired by our magical writing! 

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Krystal Jackson

Creating in Your Excellence


Krystal Jackson is a former All-American volleyball player for UCLA and PRO athlete turned entrepreneur.

After college, she played on the AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Tour and represented USA Volleyball internationally in countries all over the world.

After her playing days were over she became instrumental in building Jackson Strength Academy, a sports facility she and her husband built from the ground up. With no business experience, they built their gym just under a half million dollars.

In 2019 they sold their business and moved their family to live full time in Montana. 

Now Krystal has her own online business supporting female entrepreneurs to create the dream after the dream! 

She also has a podcast called, The Krystal Jackson Show.

Krystal and her husband have been married for almost 16 years, have 2 sons who are 10 and 8 they homeschool, and their baby girl who is 2!

Krystal loves to do Crossfit and yoga for her workouts, she loves to hunt with her husband, and fish with her family! The Jackson’s are always up to some adventure!

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The Success Wheel.
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Deborah Meadows, M.Ed

Powerfully Trusting and Loving YOU


Deborah began the study of natural alignment healing 35 years ago. After finishing an undergraduate degree in Studio Arts at age 45 and a Masters in Gifted Education/Teacher Leadership at 50, she began to teach and heal, combining visual arts, spirituality, reiki, and other energy medicine modalities. Alongside a successful career as a public school arts educator, Debby has guided humans of all ages on healing and transformative creative journeys. She is currently preparing a workshop teaching tour of the US and writing her first book.

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