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Launch Date: January 27
Promotion Period: January 13 - January 26

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Laura Di Franco, MPT - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/lauraf/

Ian Morris - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/ian/

Alexis Cohen - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/alexis/

Patti Clark - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/patti/

Weam Namou - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/weam/

Heather Vickery - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/heather/

Devorah Spilman - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/devorah/

Addie Hirschten - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/addie/

Laura Clark, MSCPT - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/laurac/

Lainie Love Dalby - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/lainie/

Allyson Bright - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/allyson/

Joyce Van De Lely - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/joyce/

Paulette Rees-Denis - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/paulette/

Abby Wynne - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/abby/

Marcia Mariner - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/marcia/

Tina Paulus-Krause - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/tina/

Felicia D'Haiti - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/felicia/

Susan Jenkins - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/susan/

Beth Osmer - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/beth/

Georgia Putnam - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/georgia/

Sage Adderley Knox - https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/sage/

Your Interview Air Date Is:

Susan Jenkins - January 27

Devorah Spilman - January 28

Addie Hirschten - January 29

Patti Clark - January 30

Weam Namou - January 31

Alexis Cohen - February 1

Laura Clark, MSCPT - February 2

Paulette Rees-Denis - February 3

Ian Morris - February 4

Allyson Bright - February 5

Abby Wynne - February 6

Laura Di Franco, MPT - February 7

Marcia Mariner, MA, LMHC - February 8

Lainie Love Dalby - February 9

Tina Paulus-Krause - February 10

Georgia Putnam - February 11

Beth Osmer - February 12

Heather Vickery - February 13

Joyce van der Lely - February 14

Sage Adderly Knox - February 15

Felicia D'Haiti - February 16

Promotional Materials

Copy Solo Email Here

Subject Line: The Secret to Your Creative Genius!

Dear (Name),

Have you ever said:  “I don’t have a creative bone in my body; I can only draw stick figures; or Create my dream life? I cannot even begin to imagine it!”? Do you feel like your dream is slipping away from you?  Do you feel a sense of urgency that the time to create your life of purpose is now?

If this is you, I have a secret for you that I am willing to share- Yes! You can dream and create the life of your dreams and live your purpose

Here’s how:

Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit creative practices to increase imagination and creativity to embody courage and live your purpose.

Visionary artist and healer Deborah Epstein, LMT, has organized this FREE event- Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit  with over 21 experts speaking on the subjects of imagination, creation and claiming our birthright as creators to embody courage and live our dream life and purpose. In addition, each speaker will share with you, a creative practice that is tried and true, and that you can bring into your life to begin the process of exercising your inherent creativity and start shifting you into creating a life of your dreams!

Deborah has meticulously gathered a group of influential artists, healers, sound healers, poets, storytellers and authors- all who bring a unique view on the topics of creativity, imagination, the balance of right brain and left brain, the need for dreamers on the planet, and the importance of finding your purpose and living it- courageously and unapologetically!

Register HERE for this FREE odyssey through creativity and imagination, to uncover your birthright as a Creator!

Whether you are an artist, healer or someone who only draws stick figures, this odyssey of the imagination is just the event to start the year off right!

Sign up now for Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit - and create the year of your dreams!


Yours in Creative Dreaming,

(signature of expert)

Copy Newsletter Blurb Here

You are invited

I’d like to introduce you to Deborah Epstein, LMT. Deborah is a visionary artist, shamanic practioner and myofascial release therapist. Deborah’s path unfolded in the direction of the healing arts naturally, as she experienced the power of creation and imagination in her own healing journey.

She has created “Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit” - a FREE online interview series to help people connect with, and adopt, creative practices to help increase imagination, and create health, wealth, and joy. What a wonderful way to start 2020, the year of vision!

I am one of the speakers on this summit and I would love for you to hear my interview <link>  I had such a great time on this summit, I know you will enjoy it too!

This FREE series begins on January 27, 2020. Because you are a valued member of my community I would love to see your there! There will be informative interviews from over 21 passionate influencers in a variety of creative fields.  You will hear stories of how they overcame health issues, emotional issues and found their purpose through creativity.

Not only that, they will each share a creative practice and you will receive a free gift from each speaker!

Register now <link>  to get access to this FREE online interview series.

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Facebook posts:

You are born to create! Join me and over 21 other speakers as we delve into the power of creation. You will hear stories and learn creative practices that will  inspire you to dream, a life of purpose and embody the courage to live the  life you imagine. “Life is Art: Conscious Creation Summit,” is a FREE online event- Sign up now! <link>

Explore your power as a conscious creator!

Join me and 21 other influential speakers, who will illuminate our power and inherent birthright as genius creators!  Step into your power now, and sign up for this FREE online summit. It’s never too late to dream yourself in to creating a life of  purpose! <link>


Your imagination is calling! It’s time to answer- Join me and over 21 other powerful speakers as we dive in to the power of creativity and imagination to create a life of purpose and embody courage. Sign up now for this FREE online event,  “Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit”. <link>



Become a conscious creator! Sign up now for  #Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit <link>


Step into your power as a creator! Learn practical tips using the power of the imagination- Sign up now for #Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit


Ever wonder what may be blocking you from creating the life of your dreams? Sign up now for the #Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit <link>


Join us #Life is Art Conscious Creativity summit <link>  You will learn from the experts,  how to remove the blocks that impede your life’s creative flow.


Addie Hirschten

Alexis Cohen

Devorah Spilman

Heather Vickery

Ian Morris

Laura Di Franco, MPT

Patti Clark

Weam Namou

Paulette Rees-Denis

Laura Clark, MSCPT

Joyce van der Lely

Abby Wynne

Marcia Mariner,

Felicia D'Haiti

Beth Osmer

Tina Paulus-Krause

Lainie Love Dalby

Susan Jenkins

Georgia Putnam

Allyson Bright

Sage Adderley-Knox

Life is Art: Conscious Creativity Summit

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