The Temple of the Cosmic Dreamer

A nine-month journey into creative leadership and creating your Heart’s Desire

The Temple of the Cosmic Dreamer

A nine-month journey into creative leadership and creating your Heart’s Desire

We are the creators, inventors, innovators - the Cosmic DREAMERS ✨

We have real power in our ability to dream and create new forms from what we dream. When the energy of our intention is expressed in the world, it has the power to become reality!

But when it comes to creating the life of your dreams, what holds you back? 

Even when you know how powerful you can be- that your dreams, thoughts, emotions and way of being and doing in the world is what creates your reality- what gets in your way?

Do you find yourself saying things to yourself like: “I’m not good enough,” or “I don’t know enough,” or “I’m afraid people won’t love what I create”?

For most of us that’s the case. Many of the beliefs we grow up with condition us to play small, to hide our true desires, and to undervalue our creative potential.

These thoughts can be continually playing in the back of our minds. Sometimes we are aware of them, and we actively do the work required to bring ourselves back to our power and conscious creativity. 

Sometimes, despite all that we do, we keep finding ourselves stuck in the same patterns of repetition! 

The Temple of the Cosmic Dreamer is a program designed to help you unearth those repetitive patterns that have held back your creative flow. 

Together in this 9-month program, we will reframe these patterns into a positive new mindset that can support you to be the prolific, joyful and loving creator that you know you are here to be.

No more hiding, no more playing small, this is your time and I can help!

The Temple of the Cosmic Dreamer
7/6/ 2022 - 3/15/ 2023

The Temple of the Cosmic Dreamer has provided a field of creativity, play and imagination in community with others who, like me, are seeking to heal, and to nurture and celebrate their creative birthright. The Temple Community provides a safe container to share the challenges we as creators all face as we shed layers of conditioning and negative talk that keep us from being the creator we were each born to be. With Deborah as our guide and in connection with the energetic field created and held with the other members of the Temple community, I have felt deeply supported to explore and integrate many aspects of my archetypal blueprint (including shadow aspects), heal relationships in my family and trauma that I carry from my ancestral lineage, and hone my imaginal and magical powers. As I heal and become whole, I am becoming a stronger bridge and a brighter light for others to follow. 
~Dr. Carol Hays, PHD

When you enter the Temple, you will experience deep soul-level healing, dreaming, creating and celebrating your success within a supportive container of women who are, just like you, creating their heart’s dream.

Come home to yourself

Connect with your sense of self and find stability in a group of like hearts

Get all the support

You will receive guidance and gain accountability from working within a group, developing vital skills for yourself as you create this transformation in your own life. 

Break through old paradigms

Go even deeper with 1:1 sessions each month.

Work with spirit and your highest self

Experience and learn ceremonial and art rituals that can enhance your imagination and deepen your creative abilities

Open the portal of your imagination

Work within the energies of the cosmos during our monthly New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies

“I love that Deb has so many different ways of working - mental, physical, emotional, energetic, belief systems, ritual, dreaming, creativity...  It makes it possible for her to meet you where you are and work in whatever way will be most beneficial for you.  She is able to intuitively sense your shifts in energy and your blocks and help you understand how to move and clear them.  I love that she shares her own struggles and triumphs - I know she's in the trenches with us doing the work. She has helped me see how potent creativity can be as a force for change in my life.  She has helped me begin to honor my own dreaming and power and medicine that I want to share with the world.  With her help, I am taking myself more seriously and coming out of hiding. With her support and energetic healing and guidance in exploring myself she is helping me breathe life into my dreams."
~Stephanie H.

In this program, you will:

Uncover your hidden creative genius! Discover an ever-deepening connection with yourself and the divine within!
Stop playing small! Through consistent creative, expressive practices and support, you’ll find the confidence and trust in yourself to step into your life as a Creator.
Unearth untapped realms of your imagination and creative expression! Go deep through ceremonial experiences, journey work, creative ritual practices.
Create positive new mindsets to move on from the pitfalls of old habits! The magic alchemical container of this group program is focused on creating change that holds you in your process! 
Experience the deep connection, support and transformative power of a community of creators. 

Here’s what past members of the Temple of the Cosmic Dreamer say about their experience: 

“I joined Deborah’s Program on a big leap of faith and continue to work with her on a one-to-one basis. Best choice I could have made. Deb is an incredible leader and healer. Her gifts of creativity, knowledge, and intuitive sight are some of the best I have worked with. She knows how to push gently when I need it, and she is always a compassionate guide. She says what she means, and she means what she says. She has helped guide and support me through some very tough times and decisions, including a difficult divorce from an abusive marriage, discovering my inner gifts and courage, facing my inner critic, finding my power, my voice, my creativity, and developing a healing practice. Working within the group was such a grace. Encouraged by other powerful, creative women- we became great friends; who still love and support each other, even while living miles away, it is a bond that is invaluable. Deborah is a motivated and dedicated coach with a tremendous heart.”
~Kelley M.

“Deborah is the genuine article. She guides me with love, gentleness, but calls me out when my ego is making up stories. She keeps me at the edge of my learning, daring me to grow into who I can be in my power. The creative process is such a wonderful tool to get to the heart of the matter and my truth. She is a wonderful role model of creative heart led leadership.” 

Only YOU can end the cycle of the pain of a desire that is unfulfilled!

You can do this! 

Take a deep breath and click this link 👇

Once you DO, YOU will feel the rush of adrenaline knowing that you are finally taking the first step to create your dream!

How exciting!! 👏👏👏

The Temple is a 9-month program that begins in July 2022. 

So, say YES to YOUR own creativity and magic!

Join me in the Temple

Take the journey into creative leadership and creating your Heart’s Desire
7/6/ 2022 -3/15/ 2023
It’s truly time to find your confidence and uncover your creative genius!

The Temple is the place to unlock the mystery of your creative genius

Learn the mysteries of creation through creative ceremonial practices.
Learn the tools necessary to create the art from your soul’s expression.
Release/reframe beliefs and perceptions that sabotage you. 
Finally step into your power as a creative leader in your life.
Heal your body, transform your mind and create your heart’s desire!
Be a dreamer and a powerful creator.

Meet Your Host, Deborah Epstein:

I am a Visionary Artist, Shamanic Practitioner, Myofascial Release Therapist and a Creative Transformational Leadership artist/coach/healer. I love teaching and coaching empowerment through connected, visionary, and creative ceremonial expression that is grounded in an earth honoring tradition, it’s what I do. I see every day the effect of reverence for Pachamama, the universe in which she resides, and all our relations have on me and on the people I work with. It is my passion to see others thrive not just in their creativity, but in every part of life– just as I get to do! 

I have taken many big leaps in life - not once have I regretted it! Even though it was scary and I was shaky, what got revealed was my courage, resilience and creativity. Diving deeper into my abilities as an artist, healer and shamanic practitioner– developing ceremonial rituals and art practices helped me to shift my mindset away from a sense of lack, not enough and   and has led me to find my voice - and the courage to allow that expression to flow out of me! 

It has also increased my imagination and has empowered me to use my gifts as a healer and shamanic practitioner to empower others. 

I’m so excited to see YOU say YES to your own creativity! 

Let’s take this journey of transformation together!

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’ve got a busy job/life. How will I fit this program in?

All meetings will be recorded - you will have full access to your personal temple portal with lifetime access. You will have constant contact with Deborah and the other Temple members through our dedicated Voxer app. You also get to schedule your private sessions with Deborah so they fit into your schedule. 

I want to commit! But I’m not sure I’m ready. How do I know?

Trust your intuition. Stop, and breathe, feel into your body. What do you feel? Is there a sense of magnetism or a tingle of energy in your hands or belly? Do you feel energized? Do you see yourself engaged in this work? These are all signs that this is right for you.

I know I’m creative, and I love making art, but I don’t have loads of training or experience. Does that matter?

Not at all! This program is designed to build your imagination and creativity. No previous art skills are needed! 

I know I want to do this. But I’m not sure how to make it work financially. Are there any options?

Yes - there are a variety of payment plans available. Once you fill out the application and are approved you will schedule a call with Deborah where you can find out the depths of this nourishing and magical program and discuss payment options.  


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